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    At the level of information technology we cover all the needs of your company, whether they are hardware or software, servers and computers, consulting services or other specific services for your company

T Security

Keep your company's information protected and safe from any IT attack. We implement solutions adapted to each reality, in order to incorporate security monitoring, incident response, regular audits, disaster recovery, intrusion prevention, access validation and other measures that stop potential passive threats of malicious use.

Network Administration

Administration, Management, and Maintenance are the essential pillars for the growth of your business. It is possible to draw up efficient plans with the objective of preventing any action that compromises the good functioning of your infrastructure.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

We provide best-in-class data protection and management solutions for next-generation hybrid data centers, whether on premises or in the cloud..

Hardware Software

In order to ensure that you meet your business objectives, we present you the Hardware and Software that best fits your reality. We take care of the process from acquisition to implementation. We facilitate the process, with the guarantee that the computer equipment is constantly optimized and prepared to help you manage your business.

T Monitoring

With a 360º visibility over the business' technological infrastructures, we have created a unified solution for traditional and cloud environments allowing proactive monitoring of performance and availability. In order to improve and optimize processes and avoid interruptions in the availability of services.

Cloud Solutions

Data protection in a cloud, a more secure and innovative solution. Ensure flexibility of solutions and give your team the ability to access data securely anywhere and on any device, increasing the productivity and profitability of your business.

Wired & Wireless

Efficient, Secure, and More Reliable Solutions - all controlled from a single interface. It is essential to ensure network operability, traffic decongestion, and appropriate products for specific service scenarios and resources.

Microsoft 365

Cloud productivity suite that brings together the best Office applications, smart cloud services, and advanced security to help you achieve what matters most in your professional and personal life.


We develop projects/installations of structured cabling for voice and data, in copper and fiber optics, with the certification of the same.

Monitoring from root, from infrastructure to management.

Unified Communications

Take your business further. A single unified solution for voice, presence, conferencing, contact center, messaging and mobility in real time. An integrated system brings numerous advantages, improves internal communication management, lowers costs by simplifying the system, increases information security, and contributes to growth in business generation.


Renting instead of buying. It makes more and more sense to maintain liquidity and invest in technological innovation. Having the necessary conditions to compete efficiently in the market without having to allocate immediate financial resources that may be needed in other areas.


Trust your Business Informatics to a specialized company